Supporting Those with Behavioral Health Issues

Helping the most vulnerable

Providing Exemplary Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

According to the National Council for Behavioral Health, one in five Americans has a mental illness and many are reluctant to seek help or might not know where to turn for help. The symptoms of mental illness can also be difficult to detect. Even when friends and family of someone who appears to be developing mental illness can tell that something is amiss, they may not know how to intervene or direct the person to proper treatment – which means that all too often, those in need of mental health services do not get help until it is too late.

More than 8 million adults and children live with mental illnesses and addiction disorders. We can help.

We Provide Innovative, Results-Driven Behavioral Health Services

Long before the Affordable Care Act and today's consensus that healthcare solutions must be community-based, our coordinated care model involved working closely with community provider-partners to address the full range of each person's needs. Our long legacy of service shows that this is the only way to deeply and permanently transform lives. Implemented with compassion and respect, our integrated care approach is enabling us to effectively reach America's "hardest to treat."

Behavioral Health Services We Offer

Mental Illness

Our programs promise brighter futures to people with persistent serious mental illness, such as schizophrenia and clinical depression as well as less serious, non-chronic psychiatric issues treated in outpatient settings.

Substance Abuse

Our skilled and compassionate professionals help people emerge from alcoholism, drug addiction, chemical dependency and abuse of prescription drugs.

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

We offer many effective types of support and watch with joy as people with intellectual or developmental disabilities become productive and fulfilled members of their families and communities - with much to offer all of us.

Every day our army of professionals in 46 states uses its unique expertise to create greater wellness for thousands of individuals, families and communities. Learn more and see if we are in your communities.